Cultural attraction



Museum of retro cars



The Museum of retro cars exhibits a collection of old cars dating from the Soviet times as well as a real street from the 1970s with exclusive automobiles, authentic street lamps, a telephone booth and an old fuel-filling station.


Khortytsia National Park (Khortytsia island)



Khortytsia is the best known island on the Dnieper River. At the present time the territory of the island is a location of historical and cultural complex Zaporizhian Sich, national ethnographic equestrian theater Zaporizhian Cossacks, and a number of other historical and architectural monuments.


Petrykivka decorative painting Petrykivka village




The Petrykivka folk art center is situated at the territory of the village. The center includes the Museum of ethnography, household, and national applied arts.


Ethnographic complex Halushkivka Cossack hamlet




The Ethnographic complex includes the layout of Cossack fortifications and three homesteads. The Museum exhibits household items and a collection of Cossack weaponry. The guests may enjoy the traditional Cossack dinner: kulish (milled porridge), varenyky (filled dumplings), and uzvar (beverage made of dried fruits and berries).


Petrykivka stud farm




The stud farm breeds horses for the Olympic equestrian sports. Throughout a tour one may see a covered manège with sport stables, obstacle course, equestrian field, and trial route.