Abstracts submission

Person, participating in the Conference, can be a contact author only of one paper and co-author of several other papers. Abstracts of papers (1 page of A4 format) should be prepared in Word, font 14, Times New Roman, typed with one character spacing, without formulas, mathematical symbols, tables and figures. Distance from edge of the page to the text: from the left –2.5 сm, from the top, from the right, from the bottom -2.0 сm. The title of abstract, typed with capital letters using boldface font, should be on the top, the initials and surname of the authors (contact author should be underlined) should be on the next line, full name of the organization, city and country should be below, then the text of the abstract should be placed with one line missed. Abstracts Submission Deadline has been extended until April 15, 2017. Working languages of the Conference are Russian and English. Duration of presentation is 15-20 minutes. Speaker can use multimedia projector.

The example for abstracts submission:

PROVISION OF CONTINUOUS SERVICE OF ELECTROCHEMICAL BATTERIES FOR ROCKET AND SPACE TECHNOLOGY POWER FACILITIES 1K. Bezruchko, 1A. Davidov, 1S. Sinchenko, 2V. Frolov, 2 K. Zemlyanoy 1 Zhukovsky National Aerospace University “KhAI” Kharkov, Ukraine 2 Yuzhnoye State Design Office Dnepr, Ukraine e-mail:

The text of abstracts…
Theses not meeting the requirements will not be accepted.