About the conference


On 19-20 May, 2015, the 5th International Conference Space Technologies: Present and Future t оо k place in Dnepropetrovsk (Ukraine). The conference venue was the Palace of Students of Dniepropetrovsk National University.

The conference was traditionally sponsored by Ukrainian Branch of IAA, the National Space Agency of Ukraine, Yuzhnoye State Design Office, SE PA Yuzhny Machine Building Plant and Dniepropetrovsk National University.

The general sponsor of the conference was the Robert A. and Virginia Heinlein Prize Trust.

The conference was attended by 268 specialists from 20 countries: USA, China, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Japan, Romania, Macedonia, Greece, Lithuania, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Algeria, Argentina, Belgium, Britain, the Netherlands, Poland.

The conference was opened with a welcoming speech by Alexandr Degtyarev, General Designer – General Director of Yuzhnoye State Design Office.

The greetings from Leonid Kuchma, President of Ukraine since 1994-2005 and Academician of IAA was read by Alexandr Kashanov, Deputy General Designer- General Director.

Welcoming statements were made by Oleg Urusky, Chairman of NSSAU; Viktor Sergeev, councilor of Governor of Dnepropetrovsk region; Marius Pizo, President of Space Agency of Romania (ROSA) and the member of IAA Board of Trustees; Li Bin, Director of Xi’an Aerospace Propulsion Institute.

The greetings from NASU was read by Anatoliy Bulat, Chairman of Dniepropetrovsk scientific center.

133 reports were presented at the workshops. 24 reports were recommended for publication in the book of abstracts «Space technology. Rocket armament».

The International Space Conference in Dnepropetrovsk is an excellent opportunity to discuss new trends in space and rocket technologies, advanced development, new insight in the global space problems and rallying international concepts for their solution.

The Ukrainian-European seminar (extended round-table) on the active space debris removal was held within the program of the conference.

Co-chairs of the seminar: Prof. Anatoliy Alpatov; Dr. Claudio Bombardelli.