Report on Conferences in 2017

Traditionally, biannually, Yuzhnoye SDO holds the International Conference “Space Technologies: Present and Future”. It became the sixth in succession this year and gathered about 500 scientists and specialists from 21 world countries, that is Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Great Britain, Germany, Mexico, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, USA, France, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Sweden, etc. In the course of the conference, 295 papers were heard at six scientific sections. The papers were devoted to solution of the urgent problems concerning the development and manufacture of launch vehicles, spacecraft, ground launch complexes, liquid-propellant rocket engines and solid-propellant rocket motors; advanced material technologies; humanitarian issues of space exploration.

For the first time the conference took place on the premises of our enterprise, as the Ukraine space leading enterprise.

The conference was arranged under the auspices of the IAA and devoted to the 80th anniversary of Stanislav Nikolayevich Konyukhov, an outstanding scientist, engineer and designer in aerospace. Before opening a plenary meeting the “General Designer Mission” film, devoted to this memorable date, was shown to the conference participants.

Mikhail Bondar, Acting General Director, opened the conference. He welcomed the participants and reassured them of successful holding the conference.

         Round tables were held on the subjects “Materials and Technologies”, “Creation of Industrial and Research Lunar Base” within the frame of the conference. Meetings of the youth with Arthur Dula, trustee of the Robert and Virginia Haynlayn Prize  Fund, took place. Qualitative arrangement of the event and friendly, creative atmosphere made it possible to hold the high-level conference. Foreign guests rated the conference work very high.

         Section coordinators selected the best papers for NASU journal publication according to the conference results.